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Living Quarter Slide Out Horse Trailer - Shadow Trailers 

shadow slide-outsSlides, pull outs, or what ever you want to call them were designed to give a 7 ft. wide trailer the same living space that you would have in an 8 ft. wide trailer without a slide. Slides became so popular that 8 ft. wide trailers soon added slides to their floor plans. The slides you find now in most trailers are; expensive, heavy, and either electric or hydraulically operated,

Shadow Trailers introduced “Easy Slide” slide outs in late 2006. It is a manual slide on a simple roller system that can be either  6 foot or 8 foot wide. The “Easy Slide” adds almost zero extra weight to the trailer and since it does not go all the way down to the floor the structural integrity of the trailer is not damaged and additional strength does not have to be added below the floor.

Our trailers today can have up to 3 slide outs and are offered on all of our LQ trailers, including the Stablemate LQ. The “Easy Slide” Glide-Out now has an additional 4 inches of travel increasing the room space further.

Shadow’s “Easy Slide” adds living space, does not have expensive parts, and keeps slide outs affordable!


Sliding Mid Tack, Closet Tack on Shadow Horse Trailers

sliding closet mid tackThe “Sliding mid-tack” is one of Shadow Trailers most recent innovations. With the cost of fuel it is more expensive to pull a large trailer, so how does one design an efficient trailer that still has all the storage you need? One of Shadow Trailers several solutions is the “Sliding mid-tack”.

If several people use the same trailer and go to a horse show there is a need for lots of head stalls, lots of saddle blankets, lots of saddles, and a need to just stick things someplace. The traditional solution is add a mid-tack. Ok, you add 4-6 ft. to your trailer, place the saddle racks, mount blanket holders, mount brush boxes, and what ever other storage compartments that you need. Now don’t forget that you have to allow at least 18 inches so you can step into the trailer to get all these things out that you do need.

The “Sliding mid-tack slides out 60 inches to you standing on the ground. The 24 inch slide can hold over 900 lbs. of  head stalls, blankets, hoses, or whatever you want that a child can move. Combine this to the option of the “Extra Large Rear Tack” and you now have the storage you want and have only added 2' 6" to the trailer.  The “Sliding mid-tack" is available in both the 7 & 8 ft. wide trailers.


Adjustable Rear Tack on Shadow Horse Trailers

shadow large rear tackIt’s a general rule there is never enough room in a horse trailer. That’s one big reason some people pull 8 ft wide trailers because they want the storage under the mangers. This does increase the storage, however, you will pay dearly if this is the reason you have an 8 ft wide trailer. Eight foot wide trailers cost more because there is more material, the trailer has to be structurally made stronger, and if you intend to pull very much you will want to do it with a dually. 
Some people choose to purchase a trailer with a mid-tack because they just can’t get all the saddles they need into that tiny little area in the rear tack. If you have a three horse trailer and 2 or 3 people are using the trailer and if those folks ride booth English and western, then how many saddle rack do you need? The answer is a lot! The solution has always been to add a mid-tack. 

Shadow Trailers has a NEW solution-”The EXTRA LARGE REAR TACK”!  Just exactly what is this? Shadow adds 1 extra foot to the trailer. On a 8 foot wide trailer the rear door split is reversed and the tack side is the 60% side, in a 3 horse trailer there are 6 saddle racks (a four horse has 8 saddle racks - trailer must be 7' 6" tall for 8 saddle racks), at least 20 head stall hooks, 2 brush boxes, 1 or 2 multiple blanket holders, and 2 poles which your saddle racks adjustable rear tackcan fit into. Now you have the option- add a mid-tack and add 3-5 feet to your trailer or for at least ½ the cost maybe have the additional space you need with an “Extra Large Rear Tack”. This option is available in both the 7 ft wide and 8 ft wide trailers.

When you get to your horse show you now have another choice. You can either open the collapsible tack wall up and work the show out of you trailer. OR you remove the saddle racks from the trailer, take them into the tack stall and mount your saddle racks on the poles which come with this package. Now you don’t have take portable saddle racks!

If you Contest, Rodeo, or Trail Ride you don’t need all those saddle racks. Leave them home! Only use the racks at the top for your saddles, all that space underneath is now accessible USEABLE storage space. Actually there is more usable-accessible space in a 7 ft wide trailer than you will have under the mangers in an 8 ft wide trailer. Imagine space for hay, grain, buckets, hoses, and or generators! 


Drop Down Windows on Shadow Horse Trailers 

shadow large drop windowsVentilation back in the horse box is very important to the caring horse owner. That is why Shadow Trailers offers standard in all our 7 and 8 foot wide trailers an insulated roof. Other manufacturers offer this as an option, but Shadow feels so strong about horse comfort that it always has been standard in our trailers. That’s also why Shadow always has a drop down feeder window in the escape door as standard equipment.

Our standard trailer has very large 19x53 slider windows on the curb side. These combined with the large drop down feeder windows on the street side actually give your horses ample ventilation. However, should you even want more air moving through the horse box upgrade you trailer with the new DROP windows.


Shadow Trailers Safety and Comfort

How has Shadow Trailers, Inc. made a safe trailer

There are many ways, let’s just mention a few.
    - All of our 7 ft. and 8 ft. wide trailers use E-rated tires, minimum (2 Horse Trailer has Load Range "D" Tires Standard).  This gives you a radial tire and one with more ply both on the tread and the sides.
    - All Shadow trailers have LED lights which are brighter and last longer than conventional lights. Shadow was the first horse trailer manufacturer to commit to this and use LED lights everywhere outside the trailer.
    - All break away batteries are recharged whenever you plug into your vehicle and it is running. This assures that this battery is always charged.
    - Our electrical cord has  bifurcated contacts (two sided) so the contacts will always make contact with your vehicle.
    -The electrical cord has a molded plug on it which prevents moisture getting into the connections thus causing corrosion, which can cause electrical problems (brakes or lights) several years down the road.
    -Shadow Trailers use heavier axles than other manufacturers. This also means that the brakes are bigger!  AND bigger axles mean bigger bearings which mean the wheels turn easier which makes an easier trailer to pull.

How has Shadow Trailers, Inc. made a more comfortable trailer for your horse?
    -All 7 ft and 8 ft wide horse trailers have lined and insulated ceilings as a standard feature.
    -Shadow trailers are manufactured to very tight tolerances preventing loose walls and moving parts. If you jump up and down in our trailers you won’t hear the standard rattling typical in a lot of aluminum trailers. This keeps your horses calm when traveling.
    -All of the 7' Wide and 8' Wide Pro Series come standard with an escape door and drop down window in the escape door. This is the hottest stall in the trailer, why then shouldn’t have as much ventilation as the other stalls?
    -The 7' Wide and 8' Wide Pro Series have large drop feed windows and 19”x 53” slider windows on the curb side. If you want even more ventilation these windows too can be upgraded to drop down windows.


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